Wooden Teething Toy - Bird - Plum

~ W O M B A T  B A B Y ~
Wooden Teething Toy - Bird with Plum cotton muslin tag.

Wombat Baby's gorgeous wooden bird sealed with a 100% organic blend of beeswax and coconut oil, and complimented with a cotton Muslin tag. Their teething toys are not your standard wooden chew toy- liquid doesn’t simply soak into the wood, it is repelled, and this could be more sanitary for your baby.

The cute cotton tags are great for bub’s sensory development, and are made from 100% organic cotton muslin in the same shades as our range of bibs.

Each Teether comes in a cotton gift bag.

(Complies with AS-NZS 8124-1 as a teething toy when used under complete adult supervision and when the attached cotton muslin tag has been removed before use)

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